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The Wave Pictures on tour in Germany & Switzerland

The Wave Pictures’ new album ‘Bamboo Diner in The Rain’, is out now and sees them battling against the robot music apocalypse. The new album is a bluesy, boozy love letter to the guitar, filled with American Primitive instrumentals, John Lee Hooker... read more

The Burning Hell on tour in the UK & Germany

The Burning Hell will be back in Germany and the UK in November and December, which will be the band’s last tour as a five-piece rock band for quite some time, as you can read here in the band’s own statement: “In December we are setting sail across... read more

Cian Nugent announces new EU/UK dates

Looking forward to having Cian Nugent (Woodsist) back through Europe & UK in a few months! Cian and his band will present songs from their latest record “Night Fiction” which came out early this year on Woodsist. Grab your tickets now! Date City Venue... read more

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