Robotra + Just Friends and Lovers
Ackerstr. 169/170,

“ROBOTRA is an austrian three-piece indie lofi noisepop band.They played about 100 shows in 13 different european countries with such great bands as ‘Japandroids’ or ‘Screaming Females’.“

/// http://robotra.tumblr.com/ /// https://numavi.bandcamp.com/album/tinker

„“In a masterly spun web the three Lo-Fi goddesses of JUST FRIENDS AND LOVERS (JFaL) perform their merry-go-round of Post-punk, No-Wave and Indie-Pop. Besides their quick switches of instruments their melodies go straight to the listeners hearts and feet. Lina, Lena and Veronika are the opposite of smart alecks, they performed in several other bands such as Lady Lynch, Black Fox Tropikal or Telly Is The Tube and gained experience also in classical orchestras. Their speciality is the swift swapping of instruments, one is playing the drums and on the the next tune the other. One is singing or they’re starting a polyphonic ode. One is pressing the buttons on the keyboard whilst the others switching bass and guitar. The audience is delighted! „Perfection is not really our cup of tea“, they say. JFaL as a constellation have been active since 2011. They realeased two MusiCassettes on the Graz based Wilhelm Show me the Major Label. One single and their debut full length album „What, Colour?“ (2013) was released on the Viennese label Fettkakao.”

/// http://justfriendsandlovers.tumblr.com/ /// https://fettkakao.bandcamp.com/album/what-colour


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