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Born in New York and raised in Montreal, Common Holly (AKA Brigitte Naggar) puts unpredictable compositional elements into a singer-songwriter/folk framework, packaged in textured, eclectic electro-acoustic production. Her forthcoming album, Playing House, contemplates the notion that it is conscious thought and deliberate action that defines and cements maturation from child to adult.

“Playing House is an expression of how I want to begin my adult life. It is my first real effort to create something that is entirely deliberate—the beginning of my journey of thoughtful action, and of daring to express myself outside of my bedroom. The creative process expresses my learning to take up more space and to put my silence behind me, while also dealing with the ending of a formative four-year relationship that had become the center of my young adult life.”




Selected press


“Common Holly’s voice is so lovely, that it might just make you forget your woes for a few blinks” – Paste

“Quirkily ornamented acoustic to edgy, processed rock” – NPR



Date City Venue Country
15/05/18 Glasgow (UK) The Hug & Pint United Kingdom
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18/05/18 London (UK) The Islington United Kingdom
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20/05/18 Offenbach (DE) Hafen 2 Germany
21/05/18 Muenchen (DE) Theatron Festival Germany
23/05/18 Copenhagen (DK) Huset Denmark
26/05/18 Lausanne Premices Switzerland
27/05/18 Kreuzlingen Kult X Switzerland

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