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If you ever wandered around in the north of the Netherlands and came across a town called Dokkum, you must have been really lucky. Or your GPS was on the fritz. This little town is most famous for the slaughtering of Saint Boniface in the year 754, but is also the home and probably inspiration for the youthful trio The Homesick, whose sound plays on noisy pop. Music created as an escape from reality, that provides an antidote to boredom and that allows the imagination to let loose. Since the release of their first EP three years ago, when the boys were not yet old enough to order beer, their pop has developed into something more daring, noisy and experimental. Their debut album Youth Hunt has been released in 2017 to international critical acclaim, touring all across Europe.



Selected press

“The Homesick prove that – regardless of genre, subculture or stylistics – the best form of revolt is a bold and wholly positive proclamation of selfhood” [score: 9] – Drowned in Sound

“The Homesick have the potential to be one of the great pop bands if they stick at it. This record is a solid first step in that direction.” – The Quietus

“[…] mightily impressive. With a tangible sense of contempt for their audience and
a potential threat of danger onstage.” – Clash Music


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