“a voice for the ineffable that must be heard” an “artist of the deepest importance” describe the band Big Thief, friends and fans, in an introduction to Twain’s album Rare Feeling.

Said album “Rare Feeling” will see a European release April 27 through BB*ISLAND.

Twain is the solo project of Mt. (Mat) Davidson, a tender and evocative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has previously worked with the likes of The Low Anthem, The Deslondes and Spirit Family Reunion. Mt. Davidson, originally from Virginia, has started in the mids-2000s to write and self-record under the name Twain. His first attempts were self-released song collections In 2010 he put out , Love Is All Around, and it’s his first attempt to bring in those people who still form the Twain band on the newest album: Ken Woodard on basses, Peter Pezzimenti on drums, plus soundengineer as band member Adrian Olson (Natalie Prass, Matthew E. White, Flo Morrissey, Foxygen) . Though the first album where a specific Twain band sound starts blooming is Life Labors In The Choir, still self-released in 2014. It took a while but slowly this album found its audience, and admirers in the US indie-folk-circuit. With two EPs following through his bandcampsite and more and more demand for his remarkable stage presence continued to build recognition.

Now Rare Feeling is the first official release through a label, which is for America Keeled Scales and for Europe BB*ISLAND.

And for Europeans it’ll be the first time to catch his live magic when he performs solo on these dates with Courtney Marie Andrews .




Selected press


“Solar Pilgrim’ is cosmic folk, bright and sparkling, but with all the caterwauling and rough bits that the most stoic traditionalist might desire. It’s as lonely a song as you’ll hear, the kind of mourner that provides its own comfort, even if there’s
no real relief to be found here. Sometimes, a shared wound is better than any kind of balm.” – Caitlin White, Uproxx

“Richly detailed but always wilting under the weight of sentiment expressed, “Solar Pilgrim” is a decidedly impassioned pretext to the full record, a striking five minutes that marries beautiful, country-leaning musicianship with Davidson’s startlingly seasoned voice, so powerful and expressive it could cause storms to build from afar, enticing the wildest of elements as it broods, weighty and contemplative, filling all the surrounding space it can find.” – Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint



No upcoming dates.

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