Bio by Buck Meek (Big Thief) & Mt. Davidson (Twain):

Have you ever…

…faced an impossible question, to be answered at once by a kaleidoscope of wind, diffusing your bewilderment into thousands of spinning bulbs?

…awoken to hear the person sleeping beside you speaking a language they do not speak in their waking life?

…felt your legs possessed, to throw you across the room in shapes?

…lost your heart, only to find it on the bank of a cold spring, in the hands of a filling station attendant, or in the dust swimming through the light of your bedroom window?

Have you ever listened to Twain?

“A lonely day, I went outside to smoke awhile,

and think about a picture in a book:

He was laying in the grass in his suit,

as the angler posed in pursuit of the fish”

For the past decade or so, Mt. Davidson has cultivated his songs and sounds, attempting to create a bridge, a meeting place, between the terrestrial and the mystic.  He is a ponderous and delicate sort of creature, short and vaguely leonine, who has spent most of his young life abiding in the midlands of transcendence.

“Oh to be there, the smell of her hair,

the deer swimming through the watery woods,

life won’t last long for those who hate it,

for those who love it, it lingers on like a dream”

Following its quiet self-release in 2014, his fifth and most recent LP, Life Labors in the Choir, has steadily gained devoted listeners throughout the globe and continues to blossom today. The album describes a marked evolution in an alluring yet strange and hesitant discography. Progressing from the bashfully childlike sounds of 2005’s Madeline, (now lost), through self-constructed garage multi-track tangles of Sleeping Tree (2007) and Almanack (2008), we hear the progress of a young man struggling to free himself from the shackles of depression and neurosis. In 2010’s Love is All Around, a distinct breakthrough can be felt in the form of a question that challenges the foundation of the doubt and fear running through the early music. This sudden evolution is in no small part owing to the addition of two musicians – Peter Pezzimenti (drums and vibes) and Ken Woodward (basses) – and a sound engineer – Adrian Olsen. The music really began to breathe. 

“Free’d from doubt, my cigarette went out,

the sun came out and warmed up the house,

oh to be fainting into that painting,

as I wrap up the tune and bring it to you”

This fall, Twain will release a new record of songs – Rare Feeling – on Keeled Scales Records (Austin, TX). These recordings have been gently fermenting for an extended period of time, and are now ready for consumption. The foundation of the record was captured in a tool shed by the great magi-bard, S. McMicken (Dr. Dog), using ancient and secret methods of time distortion. The resultant reels were then brought to Richmond VA, where master engineer and sound-seeker Adrian Olsen guided the songs into completion. As with the previous LP, the band has labored to present a purely AAA analog disc, and is eager for you to experience the special magnetic warmth that results from the process.  (We once again are indebted to the mysterious and mighty Paul Gold of Salt Mastering for his kind attention).

If you would like to hear some music, please head over to

(Lyrics from “Freed from Doubt”, from Rare Feeling)



Selected press

“Solar Pilgrim’ is cosmic folk, bright and sparkling, but with all the caterwauling and rough bits that the most stoic traditionalist might desire. It’s as lonely a song as you’ll hear, the kind of mourner that provides its own comfort, even if there’s
no real relief to be found here. Sometimes, a shared wound is better than any kind of balm.” – Caitlin White, Uproxx

“Richly detailed but always wilting under the weight of sentiment expressed, “Solar Pilgrim” is a decidedly impassioned pretext to the full record, a striking five minutes that marries beautiful, country-leaning musicianship with Davidson’s startlingly seasoned voice, so powerful and expressive it could cause storms to build from afar, enticing the wildest of elements as it broods, weighty and contemplative, filling all the surrounding space it can find.” – Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint


Date City Venue Country
12/04/18 Copenhagen (DK) Vega Denmark
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
13/04/18 Berlin (DE) Privatclub Germany
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
14/04/18 Amsterdam (NL) Bitterzoet Netherlands
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
15/04/18 Koeln (DE) Studio 672 Germany
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
16/04/18 Brussels (BE) AB Belgium
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
18/04/18 Leeds (UK) Brudenell Social Club United Kingdom
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
19/04/18 Edinburgh Summerhall United Kingdom
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
20/04/18 Dublin (IE) Whelans Ireland
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
21/04/18 Liverpool Arts Club United Kingdom
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
22/04/18 Manchester (UK) Gorilla United Kingdom
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
23/04/18 Brighton (UK) Komedia United Kingdom
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
24/04/18 London (UK) Islington Assembly Hall United Kingdom
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets
26/04/18 Paris (FR) Le Petit Bain France
w/ Courtney Marie Andrews Buy Tickets

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