We are excited to welcome David Nance to our EU/UK roster!

The Omaha based musician has garnered a cult following through prolific recording output and relentless touring.

His newest album “Negative Boogie” is out now via the always excellent Ba Da Bing Records. The label states that “it’s a bit like Canned Heat but with Pere Ubu’s queasy rhythms and someone playing five finger fillet with Swell Maps.”.

NPR says: “This is spastic dance music for rock ‘n’ roll deviants, a jabbing pointer finger at the soullessness of the pixelated present, blown out and blown up like a basement tape.”

NOISEY claims that David Nance is “possibly the best songwriter in the United States that nobody outside DIY tape collectors and his friends has heard”, which we are certain will change soon :).

Check out the title track “Negative Boogie” below and stay tuned for further updates!



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