2015 was amazing over here at Paper and Iron Booking Co. We want to take a post to appreciate the best parts of this year, and compile some numbers, lists, and favorites. Below you’ll find some highlights from our year, a gift guide, & what records by P&I artists have come out this year!

Altogether, there have been 575 Paper and Iron concerts around Europe and the UK this year. We are grateful to our artists who put so much into all of these shows, and a massive thanks to you for attending and enjoying some of these!

Need just one more perfect gift for your impressionable younger cousin that you’re trying to morph into a music junkie? Maybe you’ve covered all the gift-needing humans on your list, but still need something rad for yourself? Doesn’t matter why, here are some ideas from people we support and love!


French Fry Pillow Cases from Fett Kakao
Daniel Knox Photo Series 1 (12 photos + 1 short story by Daniel Knox)
Any Other „Sonnet #4“ EP
Berlin Songs Vol. 4 
Censorship Now!! by Ian Svenonius
Any of the Paper and Iron artist releases from this year, of course (listed below)


Some Favorite Things of 2015

– Sebastian’s Best of 2015 up on Mixcloud (Sebastian)
– Fenster’s Emocean (everyone in office)
– Spatz Habibi’s mixes (Sebastian)
– Kaput Mag (Sebastian)
– Anita’s YouTube playlist of video from 2015 (Anita)
– Going on tour with VVhile (Anita)
– Die Goldenen Zitronen show at Schokoladen (Anita)
– Attending Roskilde Festival (Erin)
– Lovran, Croatia  + Ćevapčići (Erin + Anita)
– Receiving the „Auszeichnung der Programmplanung unabhänger Spielstätten“ prize in Munich for Kometenmelodien & Four Track On Stage (Nikita + Sebastian + Erin)
– The Notwist + Aloa Input concert @ Reithalle, Dresden (Erin + Anita)
– Best of the year: Poland (country), Korean (food), Fargo (TV series), Sicario (movie), & Frazey Ford (music) (Nikita)
– Magic Mike XXL (Erin & Anita)
– Many „What Difference Does It Make“ indie dance parties (Sebastian + Erin + Anita)

2015 Releases by Paper & Iron Artists
Any Other – Silently. Quietly. Going Away (Bello Records)
Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom – Don’t Believe The Hyperreal (BB*Island/Headless Owl)
C+C=Maxigross – Fluttarn (Vaggimal Records/Trovarobato)
Circuit Des Yeux – In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)
Daniel Bachman – River (Three-Lobed)
Daniel Knox – Daniel Knox (Carrot Top Records)
Dinner – Three EPs (Captured Tracks)
Dope Body – Kunk (Drag City)
Evan Caminiti – Meridian (Thrill Jockey)
Gun Outfit – Dream All Over (Paradise of Bachelors)
Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts – Manhattan (Rough Trade)
Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, Girl (Sacred Bones)
La Luz – Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
Liturgy – The Ark Work (Thrill Jockey)
Nadia Reid – Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs (Melodic / Spunk)
Ryley Walker – Primrose Green (Dead Oceans)
Screaming Females – Rose Mountain (Don Giovanni)
Susie Asado – State Of Undress (popup-records)
The Burning Hell – Live Animals (self-released)
The Wave Pictures – Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon (Moshi Moshi)
The Weather Station – Loyalty (Paradise of Bachelors)
Two White Cranes – Radisson Blue (Odd Box)
VVhile – More (Numavi/TwinToe/Pop Depresija/Dirtcult/Jazz Chairs)