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JEALOUS have been active in Berlin in the last year. Their latest performances include tours with Gurr and Amyl and The Sniffers, Synästhesie Festival in Berlin and numerous opening acts for Viagra Boys, Death Valley Girls and Surfbort. Inspired by 70s Glam-Rock and Post Punk, Garage and Country. Their first EP features songs about serial killers, strange drug experiences, the weather, and a need to not be sorry for being human and flawed.




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“In What’s Your Damage, the recordings are animated, lively and gently mixed with just the right amount of imperfect; an amp hums in a guitar break on ‘Cowboy “Kelly” Katastrophe,’ the EP’s second song which concludes with Bonfil and Joe screaming, deep breathing, and cracking a laugh.

These touches remind you that the songs are recordings of specific times with real people living in them, and not just melodies coming out of a speaker. You can feel the artist’s personalities come through – they’re not hiding behind a wall of production techniques, which is a nice point of difference in a city already full to the brim with incredible producers and DJs.” – Schmutz



Date City Venue Country
15/10/19 Birmingham (UK) The Sunflower Lounge United Kingdom
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16/10/19 Brighton The Pipeline United Kingdom
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17/10/19 Opwijk Nosta Belgium
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18/10/19 Rotterdam Left of the Dial Festival Netherlands
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19/10/19 Gent Den Aaap Belgium

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